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City Manager Office

  1. Committee Related Projects or Training - Application for City Funds Form

    Apply for City funds to be used for the education, promotion, marketing and public service by or for a member of a City Committee or... More…

  2. Request a Proclamation Form

    Request a Proclamation Form

  1. Contact the City Manager Form

    The City Manager's Office would appreciate any feedback, compliments, suggestions or ideas about the City. Please complete the... More…

  2. Speaking Engagement/Presentation Form

    Please complete this form to request the City Manager present/speak at your event. If you have any question please contact the City... More…

CP Training

  1. Trainer Complaint Form

    This is where Cameron can complain about Jason and his training habits.

Neighborhood Services

  1. Bee Permit Application Form

    Review the local city ordinance on keeping honeybees for details not covered in this document. Beekeeping is allowed in our community,... More…


  1. Citizen Complaint Form

    Anonymously filed complaints will be investigated, but you will not be notified of the outcome.

Public Relations

  1. Request Filming

    Request Whitewater Community Television to film a meeting or event. *Note, not all requests can be fulfilled based on availability of... More…

Public Works

  1. Brush Collection

    Brush Collection is by request/appointment only. This takes place on Tuesdays. Appointments must be made by 5 a.m. on the Tuesday... More…