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2019 Project- Milwaukee Street- All information listed below. 

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Construction Contact Information

Mohammad Hossain - Supervisor
WisDOT SE Region
141 NW Barstow Street Waukesha, Wl53187
Email Mohammad Hossain

July 9, 2019- Milwaukee Street Update from the KSingh Construction Manager

"We are planning to open Milwaukee Street from East Esterly Street to about 100 feet West of Taft Street on Wednesday (July 11, 2019). This is per plan which was discussed in the Property Owner Meeting on March 21,2019. Please remember to drive careful in that area as the contractor will still be working on installation of sidewalk, permanent pavement marking, restoration and driveway approaches. This portion of the road will be open with only local access. Once the restoration is complete, it will fully open to traffic.

Also, on July 11, 2019, we are planning to close Milwaukee Street from Clay Street/Bluff Street to 100 feet West of Taft Street for Stage 2. This portion of the road will be open with local access only. During the first month the contractor will be installing the water main and sanitary sewer to be followed by removals and new concrete pavement. The contractor will be notifying all the property owners before removing an access to their property. We will work with all the property owners and businesses to accommodate their access during construction."

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• Concrete sidewalk finished along WB Milwaukee St and NB Newcomb St

• Pedestrian access switched onto new concrete sidewalk. Detours have been updated for pedestrians

• Water main installation in stage 2

• Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Maintenance of traffic control devices in stage 1 & 2
  • Maintenance of erosion control devices in stage 1 & 2
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