Pharmaceutical Drug Drop-Off

Drug Drop-Off Site

A prescription drug drop box is conveniently located in the Fremont Street foyer of the Whitewater Municipal Building at 312 W. Whitewater St. and is accessible during normal business hours. This is in place to encourage the proper disposal of medical and prescription waste. This free service is available to all residents of Whitewater. Most medical substances cannot be removed through normal water-treatment processes. If not disposed of properly, this would result in the discharge of substances into the environment. For more information on items accepted in the drug drop box access this web page: Drug Drop Box

Additional Drug Drop-Off Site

In addition, all residents of Jefferson County now have a permanent pharmaceutical drug drop-off site in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Jail Lobby (south end of the courthouse) at:
411 S Center Avenue
Jefferson, WI 53549

The jail lobby is open 24 hours a day every day. Directions to the jail lobby: enter the Sheriff’s Office lobby and turn left. Take the elevator down to the lower level (push LL) and the red drop-off container is to the left.

Drop-Off Rules

Only residents of Jefferson County can drop-off their drugs which include prescription, non-prescription, vitamins and vet/pet drugs for proper disposal. Hospice, group homes and assisted living homes may also bring their drugs to the new site. All hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are required to do their own disposal.

Keep all drugs in original containers, but cross out your name and prescription number. Leave the name of the drug on the container so we can dispose of the pharmaceutical properly. No sharps/needles, radioactive materials, oxygen tanks or nebulizers will be allowed. Call your local health department for sharps disposal instructions.


The pharmaceutical drug drop-off site has been made possible by JWR Inc., Johnson Creek who made and donated the container for the proper disposal of drugs in Jefferson County. Sheriff Paul Milbrath and his office worked with the Solid Waste/Air Quality Committee for the past year and obtained approval from the Drug Enforcement Agency for this pharmaceutical drug drop-off site. Remember to thank JWR Inc. and Sheriff Milbrath for their work on supporting the Pharmaceutical Clean Sweep Program in Jefferson County.

Remember, proper disposal of pharmaceuticals keeps our children, pets and environment safer.

More Information

Check the Jefferson County website or call 920-674-7430 for information.