Hydrant and Main Flushing

Hydrant flushing takes place, each year, in the spring and fall.  Flushing of water mains is necessary to test the hydrants to make sure adequate flow and pressure is available.  It also confirms the fire hydrants and valves are operating correctly.  In addition, it enhances water quality by removing sediment from the pipes in order to maintain water clarity and quality in the distribution pipes.  

Occasionally, water becomes discolored after hydrant flushing.  If this happens turn on an outside spigot or a cold water tap, in the lowest level of your home, for a few minutes until the water clears.  If it doesn’t clear the first time, wait a few minutes and run the water again.  You may want to wait until the crew has left the area and the water settles down before running your water tap.  

Additionally, caution should be exercised in washing of white clothing.  Discoloration of water due to flushing WILL stain white clothing.  Therefore, you should avoid washing clothes until the water clears.  

Questions:  Contact the Water Department at 262-473-0560.