Construction Projects

Brad Marquardt- Public Works Director
City of Whitewater
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Road Construction Updates

Listed below is the upcoming road construction updates for 2024. Stay tuned for additional information.

  • Ann/Fremont Street - Trippe Street to Whitewater Street - Not to exceed $94,500 (red line on map below) 
  • Freemont street- Starin Road to Lauderdale Drive-Not to Exceed $69,000 (orange line on map below)
  • Putnam Street Reconstruction- Janesville Street to Walworth Avenue- Not to exceed $43,000 (green line on map below)
  • Forest Avenue Reconstruction - Church street to Fourth Street- Not to exceed $41,500 (blue line on map below) 

Road Construction Maps

AnnFreemont street construction
Freemont Street Construction
Putnam Street Construction
Forest Ave construction