Planning & Architectural Review Commission


Membership consists of one member of the Park and Recreation Board, one Common Council representative and five citizen members. There shall be four alternate members, one being a council member and 3 being citizens. Terms are for three years.


Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  • Lynn Binnie- City Council Representative
    Term expires: 2020
    1315 W Satinwood Lane
    Phone: 262-473-2997
    Email Lynn Binnie
  • Andrew Crone
    Term expires: 2021
    1590 Wildwood Road
    Phone: 262-225-9896
    Email Andrew Crone
  • Greg Meyer
    Term expires: 2021
    256 S Woodland Drive
    Phone: 262-473-7081
    Email Greg Meyer
  • Tom Miller
    Term expires: 2019
    221 S Prince Street
    Phone: 262-949-6941
    Email Tom Miller
  • Sherry Stanek
    Term expires: 2021
    415 S Douglas Court
    Phone: 920-723-6723
    Email Sherry Stanek
  • Bruce Parker- Park and Rec Board Representative
    Term expires: 2019
    724 S Wisconsin Street
    Phone: 262-903-9443
    Email Bruce Parker
  • David Stone
    Term expires:2020
    303 Ann Street
    Phone: 262-473-4351
  • Lisa Dawsey-Smith - Alternate- Citizen Member
    273 N Fremont Street
    Phone: 262-510-4183
    Email Lisa Dawsey-Smith
  • Brienne Diebolt-Brown- Alternate- City Council Representative
    Term Expires: 2020
    156 N. Fremont Street
    Email Brienne Diebolt-Brown
  • John Beerman- Alternate- Citizen Member
    215 E Clay St #35
    Phone: 262-894-4168
    Email John Beerman