Ethics Committee


This committee was formed in 1990 pursuant to Section 7.04 of the Municipal Code. This committee consists of five regular members and one alternate member appointed by the Common Council. The Ethics Committee reviews ethics complaints and makes recommendations based on each one.


  • Scheduled as needed


  • Citizen Member
    Patrick Taylor
    Term expires: 2021
    128 Esterly Avenue
    Phone: 925-323-5070
    Email Patrick Taylor
  • Citizen Member
    Lisa Dawsey-Smith
    Term expires: 2021
    273 N Fremont Street
    Phone: 262-510-4183
    Email Lisa Dawsey-Smith
  • Citizen Member
    Mariann Scott
    Term expires: 2021
    421 E. Cravath Street
    Phone: 262-473-4219
    Email Mariann Scott

  • Citizen Member
    Sherry Stanek
    Term expires: 2022
    415 S. Douglas Ct
    Phone: 920-723-6723
    Email Sherry Stanek
  • Citizen Member
    Vacant Position
  • Alternate Citizen Member
    Amos Malone
    1140 Bloomingfield Drive, Apt 14
    Phone: 262-945-1980
    Email Amos Malone