Parties in Whitewater

Are you planning a family gathering? Have questions on City Ordinances and regulations? Is your neighbor's gathering getting out of hand? The following is some helpful information for everyone to enjoy a fun and legal gathering.

Image with the text "Having a Party? Be smart, safe, and legal."
  1. Party Ordinances
  2. Penalties & Fines
  3. Tips for a Safe Party
  4. Contact Information for Help
  5. Note to Residents

General Gathering & Party Ordinances

  • 19.58.040 Residential Noise
  • 19.58.050 General Noise Disturbance
  • 7.02 Obstructing Public Officers
  • 7.23.010 Littering
  • 7.36 Disturbances of the Peace
  • 7.36.020 Offenses Against Public Peace Prohobited
  • 7.36.030 Damage to Property
  • 7.63.010 Alcohol Offenses
  • 8.24 Rubbish

View more information about why your party could be shutdown or fined (PDF).

City of Whitewater Code of Ordinances

View the full listing of Code of Ordinances for the City of Whitewater.