Dog Licenses

Cats do not require a license.

Purchase License

City of Whitewater Dog Licenses can be purchased at the Finance Department window.

To purchase a dog license you will need proof of rabies vaccination, date of the vaccination and the date it expires. This information can be obtained from your veterinarian. When your pet is vaccinated the veterinarian usually gives you a printed sheet that has all the above information on it. Please bring in this printed sheet when coming in to purchase a dog license.

License Valid

Licenses are valid from January 1st through December 31st.

Late Fee

A late fee of $5 is added to the license fee if purchased after March 31, an exception is made for new dogs and new residents.

Next Year's Licenses

The next year's licenses are available to purchase around December 1st.


  • Neutered: $16
  • Unneutered: $33


  • Spayed: $16
  • Unspayed: $33