Mission & Values


We strive to be leaders in policing for our community and models of character, honor, service, and excellence. We resolve to develop a creative and problem solving workforce dedicated to innovation and meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

In times of crisis, we strive to defend public safety, maintain order, and restore a sense of personal wholeness. Our goal is to protect and serve our diverse and dynamic community with integrity, dignity and respect.


Police Officer and Kids in Front of a Police Vehicle
  1. Commitment to Service
  2. Leadership
  3. Justice
  4. Compassion
  5. Partnership
  6. Pride

Maintain an Enduring Commitment to Serve the People of Our Community

  • The Whitewater Police Department will maintain a commitment to serving the varied needs of our community, both in times of crisis and in peace.
  • We understand that dedicated service is far larger than self and encompasses duty to the city, state, and nation at different times.
  • Commitment to service inspires strength under adversity, swift protection of those in need, innovative problem solving, and planning for the future.