Assessment & Property Information

Accurate Appraisal Company

Accurate Appraisal Company of Menasha provides assessment of real estate and personal property for all taxable properties in the City. The primary function of assessing is to assure fair and equitable assessments based on the estimated market values of property as of January 1 of each year.

If you have questions about the assessed value of your property, you may call Accurate Appraisal at 800-770-3927 or visit their website.


Assessment Roll

The link below connects you to the DRAFT  2023 Assessment roll.  This is a work in progress and values can change daily.  2023 values will be finalized after the April 26, 2022 Board of Review.

2023 Draft Assessment Roll - THIS IS NOT A FINAL DOCUMENT


Assessments are based on the status of a property as of January 1 of the assessment year. When tax bills are sent out in December, the bill is based on the current year assessment. For example, the bill sent out in December of 2022, due and payable by January 31, 2023, is based on the 2022 assessment year.2023 Draft Assessment Roll

Important Assessment Dates

  • January 1: Assessment Date - all property is assessed as it existed on this date.
  • January 31: Payment of personal property and real estate taxes due, OR if paying in installments, due date of the first half tax installment payment. (Installment payment option is not available for personal property taxes). This payment is made to:
    City of Whitewater
    Finance Office
    312 W Whitewater Street
    P.O. Box 690
    Whitewater, WI 53190
  • March 1: Last day to file personal property tax returns for the current year.
  • April (date to be determined): Reassessment notice (change notices) are mailed in April. Open Book dates are published on the mailed notice. Open Book is a statutorily required period when citizens may come and review the assessment rolls for the entire City and/or meet with the Assessor. To assure assessor availability when your arrive, appointments are recommended. Appointment information will be printed on your reassessment notice.
  • May (date to be determined): Board of Review meets to hear citizen assessment appeals. Board of Review information will be listed on your reassessment notice. Once Board of Review has closed for the year, assessments cannot be changed.
  • July 31: Second tax installment due date. The second installment is paid to the County Treasurer.


Walworth County

If you live in the Walworth County portion of the City, send your payment to:
Walworth County Treasurer
100 W Walworth Street
Elkhorn, WI 53121
Phone: 262-741-4251

Jefferson County

If you live in the Jefferson County portion of the City, send your payment to:
Jefferson County Treasurer
320 S Main Street
Jefferson, WI 53549
Phone: 920-674-7368

Appealing Your Assessment to the Board of Review

Reassessment notices are mailed out in April of each year, assuming a change in the value of the property has occurred. Property owners then have the option to review City assessments during the open book period, which is normally held at the end of April each year. Should a property owner feel his/her assessment is in error, they have the right to appeal their assessment before the Board of Review.

The Board consists of council members serving the second year of their council term, as well as the City Manager. The Board of Review is normally held in May of each year. Once the Board closes for the year, no changes can be made to current year assessments.

Additional Information