Ethics and Civility

Citizen Committee Member Orientation Video

In the following companion video to The Good Governance Manual, City Manager John Weidl shares important information for newly appointed board, committee and commission members or anyone who has interest in serving the City of Whitewater. 

Click to watch the Citizen Committee Member Orientation Video.

The Good Governance Manual 

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City of Whitewater Good Governance Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide new board, committee and commission members, including common council members, with helpful information that clarifies fundamental elements of serving in a public office for the City of Whitewater. 

Board, committee and commission members are encouraged to read the manual, the Handbook for Wisconsin Municipal Officials, produced by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and to become familiar with the Whitewater Municipal Code of Ordinances in an effort to gain further knowledge regarding the role of public officials in Wisconsin.

As always, feel free to contact the City Manager’s office at 262-473-0104 or Email the City Manager with any additional questions regarding municipal operations or this manual.