What new regulatory items are on the horizon?

There are several items currently in the works that we must be conscious of and keep our “ear to the ground” for. Phosphorus rule language has been adopted and will be in our new permit which is set for reissuance yet this year. In addition, Nitrogen is the next nutrient that regulators anticipate being included in future permits. Hopefully this is 10 plus years out?

A separate issue is land application regulations. Currently we apply our liquid biosolids to area agricultural land based on field Nitrogen requirements and code requirements in NR204. Per discussions with WDNR officials this will most likely change to a Phosphorus based (P index) system. What does that mean for us? We will need to identify more specific field sites and we will also need more acreage. More time and funds will have to be allocated for this change.

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1. How long has this project been planned for?
2. What is the history of the Facility Plan?
3. What is the project status?
4. What will the impact be on my sewer use rate?
5. What is incorporated into Wastewater Utility debt?
6. Will this be the end of rate increases for a long period?
7. Why do we need this project?
8. Can the project be accomplished in phases?
9. What equipment will be repurposed?
10. What processes has the City selected?
11. What about phosphorus?
12. Tell me more about TM4 and why would we add more cost to this project?
13. What new regulatory items are on the horizon?
14. Will there be new challenges with the new treatment system?