Can the project be accomplished in phases?

We did look at aspects of the project that were feasible to be looked at down the road as a separate project. This is shown as we identified Phosphorus removal as an item to be dealt with at a later date for various reasons. It may help to mention that the majority of the site will be touched by construction. Roadways will be rebuilt, failed pipes will be replaced, new tanks and process piping will be installed.

It would seem counterproductive to revisit an item with limited life and whose installation could feasibly cause damage to relatively new piping and roadways knowing that future costs will be greater. Also, the biological process is designed as a unit, with many moving parts and variables. Therefore, it is very important that items of a common design point are installed and brought online as one.

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1. How long has this project been planned for?
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8. Can the project be accomplished in phases?
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