What is the project status?

At the council presentation on June 17, 2014, our consultant provided an update which included the project cost estimate. Following this on July 15, 2014 city council approved the engineering and bid services contract. This contract also includes a user rate study. This contract includes all efforts for getting the project ready for construction.

City staff has met with consultants on numerous occasions. We have communicated through countless phone calls and held site visits in order to validate equipment selection, review process intricacies and address any concerns or design options as we progress. Throughout this process, engineering cost estimates are closely monitored and prioritization are assigned.

Day long sessions have been held to concentrate on cost saving measures to make sure we maintain consistency in our decision making. At this time total project engineering estimates, not including TM4 (yet to be completed) are $18.7 million. We have recently learned that we will be unable to phase in rate increases which have been planned for since 2009. A onetime rate increase is required to meet the terms of preexisting loan requirements.

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1. How long has this project been planned for?
2. What is the history of the Facility Plan?
3. What is the project status?
4. What will the impact be on my sewer use rate?
5. What is incorporated into Wastewater Utility debt?
6. Will this be the end of rate increases for a long period?
7. Why do we need this project?
8. Can the project be accomplished in phases?
9. What equipment will be repurposed?
10. What processes has the City selected?
11. What about phosphorus?
12. Tell me more about TM4 and why would we add more cost to this project?
13. What new regulatory items are on the horizon?
14. Will there be new challenges with the new treatment system?