How will the smoke affect me and my pets?

If you have a respiratory or other health conditions, you may elect to move outdoors while smoke testing is occurring. This should be no longer than 20 minutes. If there are any other special circumstances, please contact the Wastewater Utility at (262) 473-0560, prior to July 22, 2021. If you will be gone for the day and pets are home you may want to leave some windows open slightly to promote ventilation. The liquid smoke product used is non-toxic and a scientific evaluation report along with a Safety Date Sheets (SDS) is available for review on the City’s website.

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1. Why do we need to perform Smoke Testing and what is it?
2. How will the smoke affect me and my pets?
3. What should residents do prior to smoke testing?
4. What should I do if I notice smoke in my house?
5. Do I need to be home during smoke testing?
6. Who has been given notice of the testing?
7. Where will smoke testing be conducted?
8. What if I have other questions?