Why do we need to perform Smoke Testing and what is it?

The City treats a large amount of “clear water” that does not require treatment.  This water enters the system through deficiencies or improper connections. High volumes can overwhelm the existing system and cause basement backups, sanitary sewer overflows, quality of treatment concerns and increased operational costs. 

Smoke testing is a means to locate areas of concern in the system.  A liquid smoke product is vaporized and forced into a length of sanitary sewer pipe that has been temporarily plugged on either end.  Air pressure carrying the smoke product will flow into all areas that are hooked into the sanitary system.  If your home is plumbed correctly, only the vent stack should show signs of smoke.

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1. Why do we need to perform Smoke Testing and what is it?
2. How will the smoke affect me and my pets?
3. What should residents do prior to smoke testing?
4. What should I do if I notice smoke in my house?
5. Do I need to be home during smoke testing?
6. Who has been given notice of the testing?
7. Where will smoke testing be conducted?
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