Business Park

The Whitewater Business Park is nestled in the rolling hills of scenic southeastern Wisconsin. Created in 1986, the park covers 540 acres, with the opportunity to expand to nearly 1,000 acres. 

Development Sites

The Whitewater Business Park offers development sites ranging from ½ to over 20 acres. All sites are ready-to-build, with infrastructure in place at the curb. Pricing is variable, depending on the project. A high-quality environment is assured with covenants for landscaping, monument signage, off-street parking, screened outside storage.

For Sale or Lease

411 N Newcomb, Whitewater

1151 Universal Blvd, Whitewater


Infrastructure in place includes:

  • Minimum 38-foot roadways with 18-inch base, curb and storm sewer
  • Sanitary sewers sized from 12 to 24 inches, and a treatment plan with more than 2 million gpd in unused capacity
  • Water mains from 12 to 16 inches, often looped, and 5 million gpd in excess pumping capacity
  • Electrical power supply up to 138 kV
  • Natural gas supplied by major pipeline bordering the park
  • Advanced telecommunications on multiple SONET rings

Unique Amenities

Several unique amenities have been designed into the park, and either exist or will be constructed as the business park develops. Green space is located throughout the business park. These green-spaces are typically ponds, wetland features, and native prairie plantings providing an attractive backdrop for buildings.

Moraine View Park

Moraine View Park is located near the center of the business park. When completed, it will offer fifty acres of recreational space including picnic facilities, recreational fields, trails, and other features for the enjoyment of employees and residents. Bike trails are planned to run into the park from the north, west, and south, connecting to a city-wide system of trails linking neighborhoods to employment centers.

Learn More

To learn more about how Whitewater can create an unparalleled "Center of Opportunity" for your business, call 262-473-0148.