Public Relations, Communications, & Community TV

The Public Relations and Communications department oversees filming and programming on the Whitewater Community Television station 990, updates the City website, Social Media pages and works with local media to share information and press releases. 

Whitewater Community Television Channel 990

The TV Public Education Government (PEG) station airs the following:

  • Government meetings
  • Organizational presentations & history
  • Parades, Festivals & Events
  • Public school concerts & some athletic events
  • Public Service Announcements & Informational slides

View City of Whitewater videos on VIMEO.

City Website

Each department within the city updates their specific department web page and the Public Relations and Communications department oversees general maintenance and updates. The website is powered by Civic Plus.

Social Media

The Public Relations and Communications department maintains and updates the city's social media pages through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Next Door, Polco and Vimeo. Other Facebook pages include the Whitewater Police Department, Irvin L. Young Memorial Library, Whitewater Aquatic & Fitness Center, Dementia Friendly Community and the Parks & Recreation Department.

Public Relations

The Public Relations & Communications department works with local media and organizations to share information about events and happenings within or around Whitewater. The Public Relations and Communications Manager is the direct contact for press releases and news inquiries.