Wisconsin Crime Alert Network

About the Network

The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN) from the Wisconsin Department of Justice allows local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies to send out crime alert bulletins to businesses and the public targeting recipients based upon type of business and location. Alerts are sent via email, text message, and fax to those signed up to receive alerts.

Making a Difference

In early 2013, a local business experienced a late night burglary. The Whitewater Police Department sent a statewide alert using the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network about this burglary and the items taken. A nearby jurisdiction with the same business received our crime alert and placed a portable alarm on the business. That very night, the business was burglarized, and responding officers captured the suspects and found them to be armed with a handgun.

A joint investigation with Whitewater detectives and area agencies resulted in several felony charges in multiple counties. It is likely that these crimes of a statewide scale, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and loss, would not have been solved without the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network!

The Network is a partnership between police, businesses, and the public to fight crime. The Network has been used to identify suspects, find missing persons, and alert users of crime waves before they happen in their community. Read about dozens of other success stories that have resulted from the Network’s use.


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