Lock & Protect Your Vehicles

The warm weather months historically bring a rise in thefts from vehicles. Officers find that the majority of the time the vehicles entered were unlocked and there were valuables inside. While the Whitewater Police Department provides around-the-clock patrols, we encourage everyone to secure their vehicle and help prevent these crimes.

Protecting Your Vehicle

What are the best ways to protect your vehicle? The following are good places to start:

  • Keep the vehicle in the garage, driveway, or parking lot (Two thirds of all vehicle entries occur with cars parked on the street).
  • Lock the doors and roll up the windows.
  • Remove all valuable items, even spare change and cords, that can be seen from outside.
  • Keep any items you need in the car in the trunk or a locked compartment.
  • Never keep the keys inside the vehicle.
  • Try to park in an area with adequate lighting.

Watch a video to learn more protecting your vehicle.